Visions and values

The vision and values that I hold and apply to all the work that I do


My goals I will work towards as a leader for the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year

Serving the Membership

A new idea about serving the membership of District 24

Serving the Membership

Looking at club history and trends to help identify opportunities for growth

Joyce Keel, DTM Past Division Governor

Jacob is thorough and stays on task when he takes on a project.  He, himself, is goal oriented and decides what he wants to accomplish and takes steps to get there.  He's comfortable with technical things and cruises right through.  He's friendly and willing to help others attain their goals.

Kathy Henvy, DTM Past District Governor

Jacob Lawson served as a District 24 Toastmasters Pathways Guide and Ambassador.
He positively promoted Pathways and respected my input as Pathways Chief
Ambassador. Jacob currently serves as the Club Coach for my club, Advanced
Traveling Toastmasters. He reflects respect, integrity, service, and excellence when
interacting with club members and prospective club members. Jacob continues to work
together with me and others in District 24 to create an atmosphere of enjoyment,
teamwork, and dedication in Toastmasters.

Amy Hense, DL1 Past Assistant Area Director

I have worked with Jacob Lawson as an Assistant Area Director for the 2018/2019 Toastmaster’s Year. Jacob has a passion for Toastmasters and enjoys sharing his knowledge and ideas. Whether it is helping you navigate Pathways, understand brand compliance, or providing you with valuable information you can share with your club, his passion shines through. His desire to help District 24 be successful is evident. With the things I learned as an Assistant Area Director in 2018/2019 from Doni and Jacob, my club was able to achieve Select Distinguished Status for the first time in our club’s history.  

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